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Lee Ann Snyder



Lee Ann’s specialty is hair styling and formal styles although she enjoys color along with our other services. Lee Ann has worked at The Hair Center for 40 years. She purchased the salon 23 years ago and was excited to buy the building along with her husband Jeff 8 years ago. They are very proud of their sons. Jeremy and his wife Lorie welcome her and her husband Jeff's first grandson in September. Jason lives in Angola along with  his cat Sabor. 

Kellie Ferrell Nofsinger



Kellie is an experienced colorist. She really enjoys doing 2 color  hi-lights, reds, and vibrant colors. She tells her clients  I’ve practiced 27 years to do your hair”.  She also does pedicures, nails and facials. She’s the proud parent of four children and enjoys fishing along with enjoying the lake with her husband Scott. 

Brittany Entenman


Brittany  is a great colorist along with enjoying doing men's hair.  She also enjoys doing pedicures, nails and facials. She is a busy mom. Her husband and her have 3 boys that are very active.  

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